5 Free Indie Horror Games for PC

Searching for free indie horror games on the PC is like checking your candy haul at the end of Halloween night. Some of it’s great, a lot of it’s terrible. But hey, at least it was free.

The following five games are free to play on your PC right now. They offer quick-shot experiences, perfect for scratching that horror itch when you want something new. And in my opinion, they’re all great.

Slender: The Eight Pages

September 1999

The House in the Woods

The Last Door

One Late Night

Slender: The Eight Pages 

Slender: The Eight Pages | Parsec Productions

Slenderman is a well known horror figure by now. It evolved from creepypasta character to video game antagonist and even got his own movie, for better or worse. Slender: The Eight Pages is the game that shot the tall, faceless being to fame in 2012.

The premise is simple: Find eight documents out in the woods and avoid getting caught by the Slenderman. Opinions are split on whether it’s a good game or just a lot of hype, but horror fans owe it to themselves to at least give it a try.

Download it here.

September 1999 

September 1999 | 98DEMAKE

Who doesn’t love a bit of ’90s nostalgia? September 1999 follows the ‘found footage’ style, where the action is seen through the lens of a camcorder.

It’s extremely short, and will only take about five minutes to play through. But the retro aesthetic and brilliantly designed, unsettling sound design make it well worth your attention.

Download September 1999 here – it runs on a ‘name your own price’ system, so you can pay whatever you think is fair.

The House in the Woods 

The House in the Woods | MINIGOLIATH

This is like a mix of the first two games on the list. You play a camper who’s lost their friends, and have to venture out to find them, and survive, in the middle of the night.

The developers say it’s inspired by the Blair Witch Project, and the style and setting definitely allude to that. There’s a mix of twisted religious imagery and creepy, dilapidated surroundings that will give you shivers.

You can download it from their website, and pay what you like.

The Last Door 

The Last Door | The Game Kitchen

Comprising eight chapters, The Last Door is an episodic point-and-click adventure. It’s apparently inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and offers an excellent example of pixel art design.

The story is great, revolving around a group of friends and a protagonist who explores an alternate reality known as The Veil. The psychological tension is palpable, which is impressive given its simple presentation.

Check out the first episode here.

One Late Night 

One Late Night | Black Curtain Studio

“Experience the horror of working at an office” is the tagline of this immersive indie title. Putting in the hours late at night, an employee finds themselves at the mercy of a mysterious terror.

The game grounds the player in an everyday environment, an office building, and uses this to add to the immersion and sense of realism. The first-person gameplay also adds to this nicely.

Check out One Late Night on the developer’s website.

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  1. For someone who’s a wimp when it comes to playing horror games, I can actually say I’ve completed some of these! The Last Door was probably my favourite – but I’m a sucker for point-and-clicks. 😉

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